Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I've started looking for vintage medical ads, and covers from vintage romances featuring doctors and nurses. No, this isn't just because I'm hopped up on pain pills as I try to wean myself off caffeine, although I can't deny that that might be a factor.

LJ's vintage_ads community posts these from time to time. Like this post, full of pharmaceutical goodness. I'm particularly intrigued by Placidyl; from what I can tell, it made you dress funny and then knocked you flat-out unconscious.

And Mornidine, a drug so powerful it caused you to cook breakfast.

Oh, and vintage ads featuring doctors, though advertising non-medical products, would also suit my purposes. Like those Camel Cigarette ads.

(The probable source of most of the vintage ads seems to be Whispering Ibis' collections on Flickr: set two doesn't have exactly what I need, but is still entertaining; set one is just perfect.)