Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rethinking Christian Domestic Discipline; other stuff

Smart Bitches, Trashy Novels took a look at CDD back on December 11, 2008. They, and the commenters, found it very, very disturbing.

So would I, if I'd only seen the site (and the book of short stories) they link to; my first reaction to learning of CDD was kind of a shocked horror. I got over it, obviously.

But then I saw this site,'s not my cup of tea, but they're *very* clear about their lifestyle being a consensual choice, not something imposed on them from above:
At this website, we believe that the Bible neither requires OR forbids corporal correction of wives.

And it's a group of women, creating a space to discuss their own chosen lifestyle, as well as running a store to sell their fiction. I'm personally having a hard time seeing any aspect of that as coercive, abusive, or any less valid than other kinks. Hmmmm.

I don't mean to alarm anyone, but if you search for "Christian Lifestyle" under yahoo groups, the first two results are Naturist-Christians-org (which features one naked man and four naked women on its front page; not immediately suggestive of a Christian lifestyle, I'd have thought, but what do I know?) and christiandomesticdiscipline.

Moving on to the unintentionally funny: I stumbled across Brothers-Keepers, which is one of those "Christian" groups saving men from The Gay. How, you might be asking, can I possibly find a homophobic site funny? Well, I don't find it funny that it exists, but I did howl with laughter over the very homoerotic Jesus picture they've chosen for their front page. Dudes. Could you have found anything more slashtastic?