Friday, January 2, 2009

Things found while trying to research other things:

So I was browsing the internet--an activity I am beginning to think I should avoid--looking for examples of fiction or art by women who go all swoony over doctors (disclosure: I am, ironically, not one of these.)

And I found these links, which are, I warn you, NSFW.

This site is for those of us who like to see gas being used to sedate others. This site is for what? Well, there you go: The Gasman's Sleeping Gas Site proves that there are still things out there that I've never heard of.

I can't help being reminded of horror movies when I see this: Welcome to Medical Fetish Clinic. It sounds like someplace you'd end up on a stormy night after taking a really wrong turn, doesn't it?
It has personal ads. I am trying to work up the nerve now to click an ad and find out what a "fully experienced play doctor" has to offer, exactly.

I confess: it worries me that some of the things these people want done, I know how to do. It is profoundly disconcerting to see skills I was taught in an entirely prosaic setting turned into somebody else's fantasy. Don't get me wrong: they are more than welcome to their kinks. It's not that I disapprove; it's just jarring to see something that's filed in my head under 'boring but useful skill sets' used as the basis for erotica. It's every bit as baffling as Arthur Munby, really.

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